Chyba Jewelry - model wearing necklace

Chyba Jewelry is a brand built by the designer Jana Miklosova, creating unique jewelry. The name and concept of the brand came from a "mistake" that happened when creating one of the pieces, and eventually became an excuse to create several other collections.

Jewelry brand based in Amsterdam and created by a Slovak designer in 2016. The mistake ("mistake" is "chyba" in Slovak) of colour discrepancy in one piece was the beginning of the concept and motto of the brand - "Find your own imperfection".
This serendipity gave an extraordinary character to all completely unique pieces of jewelry and was also the beginning of the idea for a logo. The brand logo consists of contrasting discs, with an eye inscribed in a signet, symbolising vigilance.

Chyba Jewelry - bracelet
Chyba Jewelry - boxes
Chyba Jewelry - brand logo
Chyba Jewelry - model wearing bracelets / Photos by Per Florian Appelgren and PJK Post-Productions licensed under CC BY-NC-ND-4.0 / / Model is Julia L. c/o Louisa Models / Hair by LaToya Velberg / Make-Up by Anouk Nijs / Styling by Sato Okoro